20210108 - Lovely Taacha - 203 - Bleu Je
Poignées - galons - bandoulière LUREX -
20210108 - Lovely Taacha - 202 - Gris Cl
Poignées - galons - bandoulière LUREX -


Lovely Taacha  it's not just B2C, it's also B2B ...


TAILOR-MADE in your image

We manufacture for you the product that suits you!


You are a company and you want to plan beautiful end-of-year gifts for your employees?

Are you a store and want to differentiate yourself by offering personalized items that reflect your store?

Are you a brand and want to offer an item that sets you apart?



We offer you :

* customizable table and household linen

* customizable bathroom linen

* customizable and tailor-made fashion accessories

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