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Lovely Taacha was born from the collaboration between two Belgian brands:

Lovely Pop and Taacha have decided to join forces, baggage and experiences

to become Lovely Taacha in 2021.


Fashion Accessories

Lovely Taacha offers ranges of fashion accessories aimed at

to all generations and all styles, from the most Classic to the most Trendy!

The proposed articles are:

* shoulder straps

* MINI & BIG Keyrings

* Slim toiletry bags

* Cube toiletry bags




But also :

* Insulated Lunch Bags

* isothermal Cool Bags

* Shopping bags

Linen tote bags

* duffel bags

* weekend and travel bags.

Concerned down to the smallest details of the quality of their products,

the founders chose to develop a brand that offers items for which

the materials used are of high quality while promoting

handmade, short circuit, the multi-function, reusable and accessible to all.


With this in mind, the liners

Lunch Bags and Cool Bags are water repellent and easy to clean,

those of Slim & Cube toiletry bags, Cabas and Cabas Travel are completely waterproof

while those of the duffel bags are in harmony with the proposed exteriors

Bath Linen, Table Linen, Household Linen


The proposed articles are:

* Cotton Placemats

* Cotton Tablecloths

* Coated Linen Tablecloths

* Bath Towels

* Bathrobes

* Cube toiletry bags



But also

* Kitchen Suits

* Linen Napkins

* coated linen placemats

* Linen Tablecloths

* Linen Aprons

* Plaids

* beach towels


The Belgian brand has decided to adapt to a world in perpetual motion

and therefore offers a service on request

100% made to measure !


The goal of Lovely Taacha is to enable each person to benefit

of a UNIQUE piece , in its image.


The customer chooses the model, the fabric, the handles, the shoulder strap and the braid

... and Lovely Taacha creates the article that looks like her.



The majority of the items offered are 100% customizable .


Each person has the possibility of being able to choose:

* the model

* the color of the thread

* the embroidery typo



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